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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 With Mr. J. Smith! 

2018 - 2019

Hello there, Mr.J.Smith here to tell you about some of the exciting learning opportunities Year 6 will be experiencing throughout this academic year. Examples of previous years photos and information can be found at the bottom of the page! Feel free to have a look through to help you if need be.

It is also important to mention that if you have any issues or worries, please come and see me as soon as possible so I can help in any way. It's my priority to make sure your child is as happy as possible and that they want to come to school to improve their learning. This is where ATTENDANCE is really important!

Remember...Attendance is vitally important so come to school every day so you can learn as much as you can! You don't want to miss out on anything important do you? 

Check out some of the website links below to help improve your learning!

What would you like me to add to our class page? Come and see me...!

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We are trying to encourage reading in class 6 as it is a key part of the SATS. We have introduced a challenge where the children will be trying to colour all their AF boxes green on the Bug Club website. Please encourage your child to access the website and read the books we have allocated to them. It is a great resource for you to share reading with them too. The link is listed below!

There is also now a reading research area in our classroom relating to our topic so the children can learn more! What interesting facts can you find out?


Summer 2 Term - Source to Sea


Now SATS is over, we will going back to our thematic curriculum calles, "Source to Sea" where we now focus on getting the children ready for life at Secondary School. This is an apt topic as it links to key areas of our curriculum, including RIVERS and how they grow fro ma source on the way to the sea. It also links to "Kensuke's Kingdom" which is the book we will focus on in English and across our other areas of learning.


This is an exciting time for Y6 as they have lots going on to finish the year, including:

- Production (The X Factory)

- Y7 Transition

- Ingestre Residential

- SRE classes

- Prom

- Leaver's Trip


And so much more! We hope we can make as many happy memories for your children as possible before they leave!



Summer 1 Term - SATS Preparation


Welcome Back Y6 after a restful Easter Break...I hope you've been keeping up your revision timetable!

For the first 2 weeks, we will be fully preparing ourselves for May 8th and SATS Week. We will be revising key principles for Reading, SPAG and Maths in the most fun way possible! All our hard work will pay off and we all believe in you! Stay positive!


After the SATS is over, we will be then returning to our Curriculum, where we will be using Kensuke's Kingdom as a vehicle for all our learning. We will also be preparing ourselves for Transition to Secondary School.


Your final term here is all about making memories to take with you. We have our Trip to Ingestre to look forward too, as-well-as lots of other fun things such as Prom, Leaver's Trip and also our Production!


Spring Term = Growing Into A Grown Up!


Welcome back to 2019! I hope you have a lovely, restful Christmas break! We've now got lots of hard work to commence to prepare ourselves for the SATS in May! DON'T PANIC!! We'll be ready!


This term, all our topics link together and belong to the theme, "Growing Into A Grown Up!" This means we will be looking at ways to improve our understandings of ourselves and ways in which we can cope with extra pressures and stresses - for example the SATS but also preparing for life after Primary School.


To run alongside this, in Science we will be looking at Evolution and Inheritance. We will investigate where human life started and how it has adapted and evolved. We will also be looking at these traits within animals and how they are classified and sorted.


To further embed how we grow and our characters develop, in English we will be looking at the story of "Treasure Island" where a heroic boy called Jim changes and grows throughout the story to become a much braver character.


It is going to be a term where we all work as hard as ever to prepare ourselves. because of this, there will be extra home-learning coming out throughout the term and towards the end of the term, we will have a SATS meeting where revision books and guides are given out to help.


Throughout the term, extra information will be coming out about the Residential Trip to Ingestre Hall...Please look at blogs and photos from previous years to familairise yourselves with what it is like.


PE will now be taking place on a Tuesday and a Thursday so make sure you have your kits at school on those days!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please come and see me!


Thank you, Mr.Smith x



Our First Term :

Autumn Term = Brummie Blitz!

Welcome Back to the new year 6! I hope you have had a refreshing break in the somewhat miserable weather and are now ready to come back and start all the hard work that is required in year 6! We will be going on an exciting learning journey together!

We will also be looking a lot more at questions that YOU want answered! You already prepared some of these and I have used these to develop some interesting learning topics during our exploration of the affect of World War 2 in and around Birmingham!

As mentioned above, during this term, we will be studying and learning about World War 2 and it's impact on Birmingham and the local area! This is my favourite topic at school and we will be learning about how it has helped shaped the world and area we live in today! We also will be looking at key events, key figures and key dates! We will also be looking at life before and after the war.

Hopefully, towards the end of the topic, we will be celebrating with a "World War 2 VE Party" where we give the children an opportunity to try some culinery delights from the era! This will link to our learning about celebrating VE day! We hopefully will be getting the parents involved to come and celebrate too!

To run alongside our WW2 topic, we will be using "Goodnight Mr.Tom" as a story book in English and guided reading to develop a more in-depth understanding of what children went through.

Have a look below at some of the images and also some of the websites to get you started!


We will also be starting the challenging year 6 curriculum where we will be looking at challenging mathematics to improve your reasoning.


It is going to be a really exciting year and I can't wait to get started!