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Year 2

Hello Year 2, 


I hope you are all staying safe at home! These are just a few ideas of work to help keep you busy while you are at home. 


I have accessed active learn primary to see who has been reading at home. Thank you to those of you that have been interacting online and reading books. I have updated book bands for those children who had read and completed most allocated books. 



smiley Miss Gaymer smiley

May 2020 new resources


Writing tasks 


Pobble 365 is a great website that has an image for each day of the year. The images can be used to support story planning, story writing, setting descriptions and reading inferences.  Check out the website listed below. 


Other writing tasks you can do: 


-Help to bake a cake and write a set of instructions to match 

-Think of your favourite (or a new)  book character and think of adjectives to describe them. Think about different adjectives for appearance and personality

-Write a character description about a book character using your adjectives 

-Write a letter to a friend, neighbour or family member 

-Have a go at writing a poem (not all poems have to rhyme) 

-Have a go at making a comic strip for your favourite superhero character 

-Write a new story (with illustrations)

-Write some short chapters for a new story (with illustrations) 

-Have a go at some research and write some notes (could be animals, countries, famous people)

-Create an information text using your notes 


Home learning March 2020