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Phonics & Reading



In Nursery, our children follow the Phase 1/SALLEY Programme and Phase 2 is taught during the Summer Term from Rocket Phonics.


Our Reception, Year 1, Year 2 children use Rocket Phonics.  Children in Reception, who cannot access Rocket Phonics, continue to use the Phase 1/SALLEY Programme. Children in Year 1 and 2 who require extra intervention are supported by the interventions detailed below.


KS 2 children who have not passed the Government phonics test continue to be taught phonics through a variety of interventions, as detailed below, and they are based on group or individual need.


Phonics is also supplemented across all key stages by Reading Planet & Rocket Phonics, which is both a physical and electronic library of phonically decodeable books and resources.


Brickhouse Primary phonics interventions include:


  • Sound Discovery
  • Toe by Toe
  • Precision Teaching using Letters and Sounds Phases


Brickhouse’s Phonics Leader is Miss K. Gaymer and so if you have any issues or require support with your child’s phonics please do not hesitate to contact her.



Brickhouse’s main reading scheme is the Rigby Star Family by Pearson, which contains both Rigby Star and Rigby Rocket schemes. This provides school with both guided readers to support our guided reading sessions and independent readers for children to read on a one to one basis and take home.


In Reception and Year 1, children also access Phonics Bug books, published by Pearson, in their guided reading sessions, which is a library of phonically decodeable books.


This scheme is also supplemented by Bug Club, also by Pearson, which is an electronic library of Rigby Star books, which is used both in and out of school.


Our main scheme is supplemented by other schemes which are used as intervention, and to provide additional books within our reading scheme.


These include:


  • Project X by Oxford University Press
  • Story Worlds by Heinemann
  • Dockside by Rising Stars


Brickhouse’s English Leader is Miss K. Gaymer and so if you have any issues or require support with your child’s reading please do not hesitate to contact her.