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Phonics and Early Reading at Brickhouse Primary School

As a school we follow the 'Rocket Phonics' validated phonics programme from Reception through to Year 2.  In Nursery, our children follow the Phase 1/SALLEY Programme. Phase 2 is taught during the Summer Term using 'Rocket Phonics' to prepare our children for their start in Reception.  Children who are unable to access 'Rocket Phonics' in Reception will continue to use Phase 1/SALLEY programme to meet their individual needs.  Some children in Year 3 who need extra support in their phonics learning will still access the 'Rocket Phonics' programme with Key Stage 1. 


Supporting children 

Children in Year 1 and 2 who require extra intervention are supported by the interventions detailed below.

Key Stage 2 children who have not passed the Government phonics screening check will continue to be taught phonics through a variety of interventions, as detailed below, and they are based on group or individual need.

Phonics is also supplemented across all key stages by Reading Planet & Rocket Phonics, which is both a physical and electronic library of phonically decodable books and resources.

Brickhouse Primary phonics interventions include:

  • Sound Discovery
  • Toe by Toe
  • Precision Teaching using  the order of sounds from 'Rocket Phonics' 


From September 2021, we will be using the following reading schemes in Reception and Key Stage 1 for our reading practice sessions, 1-1 reading and home readers. 

Reading Planet:

The scheme for Reception and Key Stage 1 is fully decodable and is sequenced to match our phonics programme 'Rocket Phonics'. Please click on the link below to find out more information about our phonics scheme.  

Reading Planet – Reading Scheme For Primary School Pupils (

Our children will practise reading these books with adults in school before bringing them home each week to read independently to an adult at home. The books the children will bring home are carefully selected by the adults in school to contain taught phonemes that the children already know which builds their confidence and reading fluency quickly and effectively. When children are more confident and fluent in their phonic knowledge, they will move onto book banded texts. The main reading scheme for Guided Reading in Reception and Key Stage 1 is the Rigby Star Family by Pearson, which contains both Rigby Star and Rigby Rocket schemes, supplemented by Phonics Bug books.  During guided reading with an adult, children will access a text that is above their phonic knowledge to model a range of strategies and fluency. 


Our KS2 Reading Curriculum

We use a range of recommended age appropriate texts to support the delivery of our whole class reading curriculum. We ensure our children read deeply through the study of a class text  as well as widely through a range of fiction and non-fiction genres across the term. For our reading sessions we use VIPERS as a whole class approach. During these sessions, we have a focus on developing and exploring vocabulary in depth (etymology, morphology), explaining and discussing an author’s style of writing, predicting and summarising skills and making links with ideas and themes across and within texts.

All children, despite reading fluency levels share the same challenging text to help widen their vocabulary and text based knowledge thus ensuring all readers have a full, reading enriched curriculum. Work is scaffolded for less fluent readers through modelling, adult support and careful questioning.  Some SEN children however, may not be able to access the class text and will have access to texts and tasks that are appropriate to their ability. 


Reading for Pleasure

At Brickhouse Primary School, we have many opportunities to encourage children to read for pleasure;

    • Rich, challenging class texts
    • Library resource texts to support reading across the curriculum 
    • Reading for pleasure tasks using a wide range of recommended and popular texts
    • Visits from Oral storyteller Sue Perks 
    • Celebrating special reading days; world book day, Roald Dahl day etc
    • Inspiring reading areas in all classrooms
    • Whole Class adult reading aloud 
    • Guided Reading Sessions in KS1
    • Parent INSPIRE workshops
    • Reading Rewards
    • Pyjamarama day to celebrate our favourite books 


Reading Rewards

Our children have the opportunity to achieve reading rewards for regular reading all year round. Our school expectation is that children practise reading at home at least three times a week in addition to reading at school. Each class has an interactive reading display where children earn set house point goals for each milestone reached. 


From the Summer term, we will also have a reading or phonics certificate each Friday in praise assembly. This will be to showcase and celebrate all of the hard work and improvements children are making in their reading skills. 


Reading Recovery Curriculum

 As a result of the disruption to education caused by COVID-19, any non-secure gaps have been identified from formal and informal assessment and built into planning and lessons for this academic year, in order to enable children to acquire the necessary skills to become capable, skilled readers.


Reading assessment

Your child will complete termly formal reading assessments in school from Y1-Y6. Class teachers will assess your child's ability using our Teacher Assessment Frameworks. Please click on the correct links below to find expectations for your child's year group. 


Brickhouse’s Phonics and Reading Leader is Miss K. Gaymer and so if you have any issues or require support with your child’s phonics please do not hesitate to contact her on: