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Day 3 - Day

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Day 3 - Evening

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Children show cased their first workshops yesterday! They were all so amazing showing their talents. The children enjoyed showing Miss Gaymer and Mrs Batham the best hiding places at break times. . For lunch, the children had sandwiches, crisps, salad and a muffin for pudding. On the evening, the tea was very successful and everyone enjoyed fish fingers or veggie fingers, chips and beans! For pudding they chocolate sponge and custard which went down a treat! This evening, we played giant hide and seek where the children had to search for the teachers within the grounds. Miss Gaymer was found in around 10 minutes and although Mrs Batham tried to be sneaky, she was found even faster. The children then came inside and did an Ingestre quiz and played bingo. Lots of children won prizes and Miss Gaymer perfected her bingo calls! The children had a great night sleep too!