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Hello to all of our EYFS children, I do hope you are keeping yourselves safe and all of your families. I also hope you are managing to find lots of fun learning to do. I have included lots of ideas and activities here for you to do with your grown-ups! Please stay safe-I am thinking of you all, Mrs Smith!smiley

We hope you have had a fantastic half-term holiday making great memories during lockdown!


July Activities

-Can you write both your names?

-Can you form all letters correctly and hold a pencil?

-Can you write sentences?

-Can you add and take away?

-Can you name different animals?

-Can you talk about sea creatures?

-May be you could draw an under the sea picture...

-You could make a zoo and label the animals

-You could write a list of all the things you have missed in school

-You could make a list of all the fun things you have done in lockdown

-Write a letter to your teacher

-Stay safe over the summer holidays boys and girls!

June Activities

-You could make a poster about social distancing and catching germs 

-Make a rainbow for a friend in class you are missing 

-Make a memory mat of all the things you have done during lockdown 

-Make lots of different rainbows-use glitter/paint/crayons and play dough 

-Write about your half-term holiday 

-Have you done any baking? Planting? 

-Talk lots about your feelings 

-Do something to make someone smile 

-Draw a picture of your teachers - we are missing you all! 

-keep fit; lots of exercise will help! 

Some extra home learning ideas from Mrs Smith...wink

Reception children:

-Change is happening all around; lots of new plants are appearing; tell a grown up about the petals, colours and what they need to grow...

-Keep talking about growing; this would have been our topic in school...

-Have a go at writing your alphabet letters on a line now and really work on letter size and control 

-Remember how to hold your pencil correctly 

-Talk about being healthy; what should we eat lots of? Remember to eat your fruit and vegetables and to keep washing your hands! 

-You could do a poster all about hand washing 

-Have a look around your home for 2d and 3D shapes; what cylinders can you see? Can you see any rectangles? Maybe you could draw some pictures of shapes you have found...

-Maybe you could start to look at coins; can you find 1p? 2p? 5p? 10p? 20p? 50p?

-Begin to talk about your routine and time; what time do you get up? What do you do? When do you go to bed? What time do you brush your teeth? Make lots of pictures...



Ideas for week beginning 27th April and 4th May...smiley

Reception Children-You could...

-Continue to focus on the topic of growing; talk about how people, plants and animals grow and change...

-Write a sentence about what you would like to be when you grow up e.g When I am big I will be a nurse. Remember a capital letter at the start, finger spaces after each word and a full stop at the end of your sentence. 

-Look around at different plants; see if you can find the stem, petals and leaves. Where would the roots be? 

-Make a poster to thank the NHS and key workers 

-Write a letter to someone to make them feel happy 

-Practise saying and writing your phase 3 sounds e.g sh/ch/th/ng/ai/ee/oo/oa and write words and sentences e.g fish, shop, thin, chip, rich, king, rain, been, moon, boat....

A man has got a lot of cash.

-Write your first name and second name each day 

-Write the alphabet letters daily 

-Write numbers to 20 daily..what is 1 more than 10? What is 1 less than 20? 

-Do some doubling e.g 3+3=6 5+5=10 

-Keep up your adding and taking away e.g 5+4=9 10-2=8

-Begin to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10 

2,4,6,8,10       5,10,15,20,25     10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100

-Keep listening to and sharing stories-maybe you could write your own story....

-Keep reading books often and learn the tricky and phonic words e.g. 

the, to, I, no, go, into, he, she, we, me, be, was....


Nursery Children-You could...

-Talk about growing, this would have been our topic in school...

-Write the letters in your name 

-Practise your phase 2 sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d

-Go on an object hunt-what can you find with these sounds?

-Keep counting to 10

-Listen to and share lots of stories

-Speak clearly in sentences, talk lots and adults to help you to say words correctly 

-Use your fingers to do lots of fun activities e.g baking, using dough and if you are with a grown-up you could even try using basic scissors to cut lines 

-Keep washing your hands

-Make lots of pictures with marks and always write your name! 

-Talk about circles, triangles, rectangles and squares

-Have you tried to paint a rainbow on silver foil? That is so much fun! 




Ideas for week beginning 13th and 20th April...smiley

-You could go on a mini-beast hunt in your garden or outdoors

-Look for butterflies

-Look for caterpillars-talk about how they grow and change

-Do some planting

-Talk about how seeds grow and change

-Talk about the key elements needed for plants to grow-water and sunshine

-Reminders about self-care (handwashing/2 metres distance)

-Make model butterflies and caterpillars with any spare boxes and tubs

-Look at baby photographs and talk about how you have grown and changed

-Talk about baby animals and match them to adult animals 

-Make a model mini-beast home




Reception curriculum passports-remember to keep completing these activities:

Paint a self portrait, make a sandwich, taste a new fruit, fly a kite, make a map and many more!

Nursery curriculum passports-remember to complete these activities at home; write the letters in your name, try a new food, paint a picture and many more!