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Hello to all of our EYFS children, I do hope you are keeping yourselves safe and all of your families. I also hope you are managing to find lots of fun learning to do. I have included lots of ideas and activities here for you to do with your grown-ups! Please stay safe-I am thinking of you all, Mrs Smith!smiley

Reception curriculum passports-remember to keep completing these activities:

Paint a self portrait, make a sandwich, taste a new fruit, fly a kite, make a map and many more!

Nursery curriculum passports-remember to complete these activities at home; write the letters in your name, try a new food, paint a picture and many more! 
Easter Fun at home-To celebrate Easter in your home you could make and decorate easter chicks, make a chocolate mini egg Easter cake following instructions and melting chocolate, talk about Jesus or maybe you could be brave and taste a hot cross bun! All activities to be completed with an adult! Have fun!