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Year 5

Welcome to Y5 class page!


Your Y5 teachers are Mrs Patton and Mrs Waterhouse.



We are going to be reading as many different texts as we can this year. When we have read them, we are going to put them on our reading display.


The first book that we are going to read is David Walliams : Mr Stink. 



So far we have read: 



English: For English this year we are going to be reading our first text, Alex Rider: Storm breaker by Antony Horowitz. This book is a great action-packed text that is really thrilling and exciting. I know that you are going to love this book!

Fancy doing some extra learning? Why don't you research other books that Antony Horowitz has written? They could be something that you enjoy reading at home! 


Our reading challenge: 

Our reading challenge is continuing this year! Every time you read at home please make sure someone has signed your reading record, then when you come to school show your teacher the signature and you can move up each day! We would love you to read as many times as you can in the week! Remember the winner will receive a certificate and someone may win the overall prize with Mr Newby!


This term we are going to be starting our weekly swimming lessons. These lessons are an essential part of the national curriculum and really give your children safety skills in the water.

When you go to the swimming lessons please remember these important things before you go:

* Please make sure hair is tied up as much as possible (ideally in a plait or a tight bun)

* Please don't come to school in tights if possible as these can be tricky to get back on after coming out of the pool.

* If you would like to wear goggles, can you please write consent on a piece of paper from an adult in the home. 



This half term we have a Geography based topic called The Alpine Region  





If you have any questions to ask Mrs Patton or Mrs Waterhouse about school you can email:

We will be happy to reply to any questions or queries. 



Year 5 PE
Our PE days are Monday and Tuesdays yes

Please make sure you have your PE Kits on these days.

PE is really important to get us physically fit :)