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Year 1

Welcome to Year One with Miss S Bal...

New year and lots of new things to learn!


Spring Term Here We Come!!!

During this term Year One has now fully transitioned into a Year One classroom! With very limited slots of learning through play, we are now developing our Music, History, Geography  knowledge.

Year One have really enjoyed Science, Computing, RE, and SMSC lessons during the autumn term and we will continue with these lessons during the spring term.

Over the Spring term we are looking at the topic of: How did the first flight change the world? This topic will teach us all about the first aeroplane flight!!! We will be learning about The Wright Brothers and everything they did in developing flying machines...

During our Science topic we will be looking at Everyday Materials. Children will recognise materials, sort materials by their properties, develop vocabulary to describe how materials feel, understand the importance of different materials, identify materials for a specific purpose.  

Throughout the term there will be a huge push and intervention on phonics! Phonics is our key area. Children will be developing their phonics for reading as well as writing, at Brickhouse we feel that phonics is a huge importance that underpins English ability and attainment. 



Autumn 2019

During the Autumn term Year One is structured differently to other KS classes in the school. Here at Brickhouse we feel that the transition between EYFS and KS1 is hugely important to get right! We have seen over the years how settled and more confident children are in their learning, when they can ease into the KS1 approach.

Children have many opportunities to learn through play and during these sessions we will work in small focus groups with the children. During the focus group work we will boost and develop key skills in reading, writing and mathematics. These sessions will be purposeful, active and importantly FUN!


During the Autumn Term we will be learning stories written by 'Julia Donaldson'. As part of our Topic Showcase, children will orally retell The Gruffalo to their parents. During English lessons, children will complete different writing opportunities using the hook of The Gruffalo.

We encourage writing for different purposes to ensure children can embed and improve writing features. We use strategies taken from Pie Corbett’s T4W scheme



Please visit the T4W website to help you understand why and how we use this strategy in school.


If there is anything else you want to know about the Spring term please check out our 'What's Coming Up' leaflet towards the bottom of the page!  



This website allows your child to practice skills developed in school that day, week or going back revisiting past skills. Also using EducationCity is a great way allow your child to technology to learn in a structured way. Please find the link to EducationCity further down the page.

If you lose your child’s log in details please do not hesitate to ask for a new set of log in details.


Supporting Reading...

Bug Club...

School ID: llkq

This site allows children to read books online, your child will be allocated books suited to their current reading band colour. Using this website is effective to improve, encourage and engage reading at home. (please find the link further down the page)

Please make sure that home reading books are returned to school as regularly as possible. Your child's book will not be changed unless the reading record has been commented and signed by an adult. 

Inside your child's reading log book there is now hints and tips to support your child's reading at home, you can use this hints and tips support to help write your comments about your child's reading. If you would like anymore advice on your child's reading and ways to support their reading, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Every year, Year One children across the country complete a Phonics Screening Test. This tests a child’s ability to read words using their phonic knowledge. The test will be delivered in school by our Phonics Manager: Miss K Gaymer. The test will be conducted throughout the second week in June 2020.

Please come to our Phonics Screening Check Meeting for parents in October 2019


For Phonics practice children are encouraged to use PhonicsPlay (please find the link further down the page). Using this tool not only echoes what we do in class but there are some great games to play quickly with your child, which can make it a great opportunity for learning and time together! 


Great tools to support phonics at home:

- PhonicsPlay

- EducationCity

- Bug Club

- Youtube videos - phonic songs and teaching sounds

- Reading signs and labels around the house or out and about

- Writing a shopping list to take to the shops


General Information: 

PE: Year One will have P.E. on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Please make sure that your child has a labelled kit in school on these days as your child's physical education is very important. Please make sure you remove your child's earrings before these sessions. 


Weekly Spellings

Year One class spellings will go out each Friday, with the spelling test taking place the following Friday. Please practise these with your child as spelling is a vital part of your child's writing development. Spellings sent out are taken from the National Curriculum. 

 Autumn Two

Week 2 - 15.11.19 - Test date: 22.11.19

Common Exception Words

the, do, to, today, of, said, says, are

Week 3 - 22.11.19 - Test date: 29.11.19

Common Exception Words

were, has, your is, you, was, I, his

Week 4 - 29.11.19 - Test date: 06.12.19

Common Exception Words

they, me, no, he, we, go she, be

Week 5 - 06.12.19 - Test date: 13.12.19

Common Exception Words

so, my, there, come, by, here, where, love

Spring One

Week 1 - 10.01.2020 - Test date: 17.01.2020

Common Exception Words

some, ask, push, put, school, one, once, friend

Week 2 - 17.01.2020 - Test date: 24.01.2020

Common Exception Words

put, our, there, full, house, push, pull, they

Week 3 - 24.01.2020 - Test date: 31.01.2020

Digraph: ff, ll, ss, zz, ck

glass, cliff, buzz, muffin, fizz, stuck, hiss, chuck

Week 4 - 31.01.2020 - Test date: 07.02.2020

The sound 'n' spelt 'n' before 'k'

bank, think, honk, sunk, Frank, bunk, stank, drink

Week 5 - 07.02.2020 - Test date: 14.02.2020

The sound 'v' at the end of words

give, have, twelve, live, love, dove

Week 6 - 14.02.2020 - Test date: 28.02.2020

'tch' at the end of words

catch, fetch, hutch, match, patch, watch

Spring Two

Week 1 - 28.02.2020 - Test date: 06.03.2020


pocket, rabbit, carrot, thunder, sunset, happy, other, midnight

Week 2 - 06.03.2020 - Test date: 12.03.2020

Compound Words

football, bedroom, blackberry, haircut, playground, farmyard, pancake, downstairs

Week 3 - 13.03.2020 - Test date: 20.03.2020

Words ending in 'y'

very, family, pony, lady, funny, party, berry, hurry

What's Coming Up

What's Coming Up - Spring 2020

What's Coming Up - Autumn 2019

Transition into Year One

Useful links for home learning...

Phonics Screening Check Training Video

Still image for this video
Watch this to help you understand how the Phonics Screening is delivered and what children are expected to do.