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TT ROCKSTARS DAY at Brickhouse


At Brickhouse each year, to tie in with WORLD NUMBER DAY held by the NSPCC, Brickhouse Primary School held a “TT ROCKSTARS MATHS DAY” where the whole day was “Maths” and “Rock” themed.


All the children were allowed to dress up as Rockstars and during the day they had chance to compete on TT Rockstars as well as doing lots of fun Maths activities in class during the day.


The day for everyone started with our usual praise assembly where the outline for the day was introduced. Every class then took part in the “NSPCC” assembly discussing the importance of maths on their future and also how maths can impact upon their safety online.

This set the theme for the day as all classes then discussed and did activities where they thought about their futures and how their dream job needs a variety of different Maths skills.

The activities in each class ranged from learning about co-ordinates and making treasure maps to learning about measurements and making “Rocky Roads” to sell to the children – allowing children to learn about profit margins and loss.


It also gave the teachers an opportunity to choose a theme and curriculum area that they knew the class had missed due to lockdowns and COVID restrictions.


Every class and every child involved really enjoyed the day and loved taking part in some purposeful and cross-curricular maths tasks.


Take a look at the pictures below so you can see all the fun that was had by all!