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History & Geography

During the course of the academic year, all children in classes 1-6, develop and nurture their knowledge, skills and understanding of History via their integration in a balanced, thematic curriculum and in line with the expectations outlined in the National Curriculum.
For both History and Geography, we currently use "Rising Stars - Voyagers". This provides a wide range of opportunities for the children to develop their historical and geographical skills throughout their school life. 




Both History and Geography skills are taught as part of the Understanding the World Area of Learning and Development in EYFS. These skills are broken down into three areas, "People and Communities", "The World" and "Technology". 

Children learn all about people around them, their families and who is special to them. They learn about different traditions and customs relevant to their local community. Children also learn about their local environment and the natural world.


Year 1


History - Children will have the opportunity to learn about what life was like when their grandparents were children. What was family life was like? What was different then and what was the same? How have things changed? 

Geography - Children discover more about the four seasons and how each one is different. What do the different seasons bring? Why do we have seasons?


Year 2 


History - Children will focus on a Local History Study linked to the lives of significant individuals to them. This will include researching historical people and places and finding out more about the history of where they live. They will also have the opportunity to focus on the first flight and find out how this changed the world.

Year 2 children will also research the great explorers and find out more about what they did and why they were important.

Geography - The children in Year 2 will look closely at the area in which they live. They will also have the opportunity to look at different countries around the world and compare them with our local area. The habitat of different animals will also be Geography focus in Year 2.


Year 3  


History - In Year 3 the children will find out about the New Stone Age and discover what happened and why it was important. They will look at the Bronze and Iron ages to help them answer the question; "How unpleasant were the Bronze and Iron Ages?

The children will learn all about Ancient Egypt and focus on what they achieved.

How the arrival of the Romans affected Great Britain will also be another area Year 3 will focus on in History.  

Geography - The children will have the opportunity to explore what the Earth is made from. They will look at how the Earth moves, how weather affects different places, and the causes and effects of the movement of the Earth and earthquakes.


Year 4


History - History in Year 4 will focus on the Maya people focusing on answering the question, "Why do remember the Maya?" The children will also explore the Ancient Greeks and compare their life with that of someone who lived at that time. What have the Ancient Greeks done for us? Should we thank them? 

Geography - In Geography the children will have the opportunity to explore maps, focusing on planet Earth. This will link in with the local area, giving the children the opportunity of linking where they live to the wider world. The children will also focus on the coast. Who and what lives there and why? How is it different form where we live? How are coasts changing? They will look at the effects of gravity on water, how water affects the Earth and the effects of water around the world. Year 4 children will also focus on the people of the Amazon, focusing on  where they live and why. They will focus on similarities and differences between the people, places, environment, weather, animals and habitat. 


Year 5 


History - In Year 5 History, the children will focus on the impact of the Anglo Saxons on their local area as well as Britain as a whole. This will include looking at what the Anglo Saxons did for us, what did they change?, and what was life like for them? They will also focus on Vikings to help them answer the question; "Would the Vikings do anything for money?"

Geography - The children will look at the impact humans have had on planet Earth. This will include focusing on the local area as well as the planet on a wider scale. The children will research environmental issues threatening our planet and will find out what changes have already taken place. 


Year 6


History - The children in Year 6 will look at the impact of World War Two. This will include a large focus on how World War Two changed the local area forever, as well as its impact on the wider world. They will learn what life was like during World War Two for various groups of people involved. 

Geography - The World War Two topic will also link to Geography in Year 6. The children will look at the environmental changes World War Two caused, as well as the changes evident now in our local area. The children will focus on map work, looking at changes in the landscape that occurred before, during and after World War Two. 

History and Geography Coverage by Year Group from Voyagers

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