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Hello Reception!
Summer Term 2019


WELCOME TO RECEPTION-Where learning is fun everyday!!!!smiley
With.....Mrs N.Smith - EYFS Manager & Assistant Headteacher/Class Teacher AM

Mr R.White - Class Teacher PM  


EYFS Manager & Assistant Headteacher Message

Here in EYFS at Brickhouse we work very hard to achieve only the highest standards for each child. We believe each child is unique and we believe children achieve best when they have an all rounded balanced curriculum-both indoors and outdoors and when parents and staff work closely together. Should you have any unanswered questions about the running of EYFS please do come and see me...


Quality Mark Award

In November 2018 our Early Years Quality Mark was renewed. Our Assistant Head, EYFS team, staff, children and parents are delighted to have this award for our school. This reflects the fantastic Early Years setting we really do have. 


What's going on in Summer 2? 

This is our final half-term and a time where staff will be assessing your child against the Early Learning Goals. This half-term we will begin with our 'Fantastic Five' topic (learning all about healthy eating) We also need to fit in our final push on story writing, a class wedding, transition and our seaside day. We will be working hard on preparing the children for Year 1.


In Literacy we will be writing super sentences, invitations, letters and stories.

In Maths we will be counting in 2s/5s/10s/adding/subtracting/doubling and halving.


At home please work on your targets from parents evening.

We know our children will do us proud with their early learning goal achievements. You can do it boys and girls! 


What's going on in Summer 1?

This half-term is so short however we have such a lot of learning to get through. This half-term we are learning all about growing and changes. 'Changes all Around' is the topic name. We also need to fit in a Science Week, Potion Making, A healthy eating Week and a big focus on stories; so we will be busy bees this term. We will focus heavily on the expected early learning goals-children will be assessed at the start of Summer 2 against these goals. Work at tables in ability groups continues and we will be starting to prepare the children for their transition into Year 1. 

In Literacy we will be writing recounts and labels for plants. Simple story writing will need to be a focus to exceed the early learning goal for writing. 

In Mathematics we will focus on shapes, 1 more and 1 less and secure our work on doubling/halving/addition and subtraction. Counting in 2s/5s and 10s is also a focus to exceed the early learning goal for Number. 


At home you should

Write sentences with phase 3 sounds and stories. 

Record addition and subtraction sentences

Find 1 more and 1 less with numbers to 20. 

Write numbers and letters correctly 

Read stories and talk about them


What's going on in Spring 2?

In the final half of the Spring term we will be learning all about dinosaurs. 'Hatch, Stomp and Roar!' is the topic name. We will then move on to learn all about poetry and Easter. Mother's day will be a big focus this half-term too! The children will be working fully in ability groups and they will sit at tables for a short part of the day in both Literacy and Maths. Work will continue on Phase 3 phonics and the expected early learning goals. Please work on targets we have sent home. 

In Literacy we will be making posters, sentence writing, writing letters and poems.

In Maths we will be working hard on doubling and halving and number formation.


At home you should

Write sentences with phase 3 sounds e.g. The fish can swim in the pool.

Write numbers and letters

Let the children dress and undress independently-fastening their own buttons

Work on doubles e.g. 4 + 4 = 8


Welcome to Spring 1 in Reception

A new year and a new term has started. This half-term is all about encouraging the children to be independent and really focussed on their learning. The first week back is all about our 'Amazing Adventures.'The children will be talking all about Christmas and writing letters to Santa for one final time. After this we will look at the famous story 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' We will be sequencing the story and using talk for writing to really develop our vocabulary to retell the story verbally and in writing. We will then look at transport and celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's day. Less focus will be on family groups and more focus will be on ability groupings and the children will be working a little more at tables for their Literacy and Maths. Learning times occur daily as well as Literacy, Mathematics, Phonics and Handwriting. Guided Reading is weekly-please read at home with your child-visit a local library if you can-we will be really working hard with our reading this half-term.


In Literacy we will-retell stories and work on sentence writing. 

In Mathematics we will work on number formation and subtraction e.g. 7 - 3 = 4


What can you do at home?

-Write sentences e.g. Jack went up the beanstalk. 

-Write numbers to 20.

-Write first and surnames.

-Encourage your child to zip and unzip their own coat


Welcome to Autumn 2 in Reception

WOW-The children have all settled in so well to full-time school life and now they are ready for lots more learning. The first week back is all about fireworks and fire safety. This will then follow on nicely into People Who Help Us and Superheroes.

We will be really working hard on our learning and we will talk about fire fighters, police officers, doctors and nurses. The children are now well into ability groups for Phonics and family groups still remain. We will be phasing these out more and more.


In Literacy-we will be writing lists, labels, instructions and captions e.g. It is a cat.

In Mathematics-we will be working hard on number formation and addition.


What can you do at home?

Write labels and captions...

Follow instructions and recipes...

Write first and surnames....

Begin early addition e.g. 5 + 2 = 7

Ensure children can zip and unzip own coats. 


Welcome to Autumn 1 in Reception

What an exciting half-term this is; we are looking forward to meeting all of our new children and parents and of course we will be welcoming our Nursery children into Reception and it will be lovely to see to many familiar parents back with us. Autumn 1 is all about settling our children into their new full-time school life at Brickhouse. We fully recognise that this time can be difficult and not just for our children but for our parents too. Please be assured our team is fully trained and I guarantee that after a few weeks all our children will be happy and settled. Please be patient with us, this may take slightly longer with some children than others and it is natural for some children take to school quickly whilst others can be teary and reluctant. We will work hard with all our parents and all we ask is that you allow your child time to settle. Our main aim is to ensure that after a few weeks all our children are settled, happy and most importantly having lots of fun. We WILL get there!!!

Autumn 1 we are ready!!!


Family Groups

After the first week your child will be allocated to a family group

If your child is a starfish then they will be with Mrs Smith and Mr White

If your child is shark then they will be with Mrs Postin and Miss Johnson

These groups are just a time for your child to work with a key adult and in a smaller group size. Initially they will come together in these groups for Literacy/Maths/Snack and general chat times. Ability groups will begin as soon as possible for Phonics.



Our first topic will be 'Amazing Me.'The children will be learning and talking all about themselves/their families and friends.

Further topics will be based upon our class interests but you will be updated regularly.

Literacy-In Literacy we will focus on forming letters, writing our names and other words too.

Mathematics-In Maths we will focus on numbers beyond 10, counting, shapes and simple patterns.


What can you do at home?

-Ensure your child is fully toilet trained

-Ensure your child can recognise and write their names

-Practise dressing/undressing for PE/zipping and unzipping coats

-Model the correct spoken language to your child at all times

-Read numbers and practise counting


Daily Routine

During the Summer term your child will experience daily carpet time sessions for Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics. Handwriting/Number Fun will also be modelled. Guided reading will also take place weekly. The children will work in table groups in their ability for 2 short parts of the day to develop their Literacy and Maths skills.

Child-initiated time forms a big part of our day, this is where our children access all our areas independently. Your child will  access indoor and outdoor learning daily....please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing for outdoor weather. Once a day children will be able to free-flow across EYFS and access both the Nursery and Reception; as we work closely together and cover the same topics. We will be working hard on preparing our children for Year 1.



-If you know a topic we should cover - please tell us....

-Up to date information will be on display in our cloakroom area-please pop in and find out what's going on...

-Look out for our Stay and Play sessions....

-Have you had your What's coming up leaflet?

-We will be working hard on Phase 3/Phase 4 in Phonics.  



Learning in our school is so important every day-so please ensure your child is in school on time each day to learn and progress. 

We do hope your child enjoys their Summer term in Reception......If you have any concerns please see our EYFS Manager and Assistant Head (Mrs N. Smith)
Thank you!

Reception Staffcheeky
Mrs N. Smith (Mornings in Reception) (EYFS Manager & Assistant Head)
Mr R. White (Afternoons in Reception)

Mrs M. Postin works in Reception Monday to Wednesday

Miss D. Johnson works in Reception Thursday and Friday

Miss N. Brookes will also be working in Reception on a daily basis

Miss S. Cooksey also works in Reception daily

We thank you for your support!nosmiley


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