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EYFS Reception

Hello Reception!
Spring Term 2023/2024


WELCOME TO Reception- Where learning is fun everyday!!!

Reception Staff
Mr R. White (EYFS Manager)

Mrs M. Postin works in Reception Monday to Wednesday.

Mrs S. Upton

Miss L. Haw

Mrs L. Steward

Miss D. Johnson works in Reception Monday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. 


EYFS Manager Message

Here in EYFS at Brickhouse we work very hard to achieve only the highest standards for each child. We believe each child is unique and we believe children achieve best when they have an all rounded balanced curriculum-both indoors and outdoors and when parents and staff work closely together. Should you have any unanswered questions about the running of EYFS please do come and see me...


Quality Mark Award

In June 2022 our Early Years Quality Mark was renewed. Our EYFS team, staff, children and parents are delighted to have this award for our school. This reflects the fantastic Early Years setting we really do have. 


What's Going on in Spring 1?

Our main priority for Spring 1 is that our children continue to be happy, settled and enjoy school life. We spend a lot of time training the children; this includes encouraging them to become independent through tidying up, managing toileting needs, self-care and doing many things for themselves. Your child has allocated a family group with friends and they will either be a Shark or a Starfish. Children meet in these groups each morning to begin their learning. Children will also be working in ability groups for Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics. 


What can you do at home?

Lots of shared talk - model talking in full sentences, model turn taking in conversations.

Begin to learn to dress themselves: coats, shoes, jumpers etc.


Our topic will be  'Traditional Tales' before we move on to "People who help us", "Dinosaurs" and "Easter"- We will talk about our favourite stories, retell what has happened, describe our favourite characters and do role play activities based on each tale.

In Phonics - We will be looking at all of the individual letter sounds and using them to blend simple words to read and write. At Brickhouse we use the "Supersonic Phonic Friends" scheme. Please take a look at their Facebook Page or You Tube channel for more information and ideas. 

In Literacy - We will focus simple sentence structure, reading and writing them. We will look at capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will share Traditional Tales and do lots of activities based around them. 

In Mathematics - We will focus on number recognition, counting simple addition and shapes. We will also work on Number Bonds to 10. 


What can you do at home?

Ask your child to identify individual letters and write their names and other simple words.

Encourage the use of simple punctuation in sentences. 

Practise holding a pen/pencil and using it correctly.

Count numbers out loud. Identifying numbers in the environment.

Beginning to recognising numbers in their environment.

Beginning to recognising shapes in their environment.

Knowing all Number Bond pairs to 10 from memory. 

Sharing stories is important!  Please share a story at home with your child, ideally every day...


Daily Routine

Your child will also access indoor and outdoor learning daily.... Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing for outdoor weather, and that a coat and a pair of wellies are available at all times. Children will be able to free-flow across EYFS and access both the Nursery and Reception; as we work closely together and cover the same topics.


We focus heavily on Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics here at Brickhouse whilst covering all other areas of EYFS learning too… we will work closely with Nursery to ensure that we can meet all our children's needs.  During this half-term, your child will experience daily carpet sessions for Phonics, Literacy, and Mathematics.



-If you know a topic we should cover - please tell us....

-We will be working hard on Phase 2/Phase 3 in Phonics.


 Reading at Brickhouse Primary School:

Our school is passionate about reading with children, and requests that books are read and returned daily. Your child will be issued with a home reading book and book bag later on this term. Please return your child's book bag with the reading record updated each day to let us know how your child has read at home. Books will be changed on a TUESDAY and a FRIDAY. 



Learning in our school is so important every day-so please ensure your child is in school on time each day to learn and progress. Attendance is vital to your child's learning.
We do hope your child enjoys their Spring term in Reception......If you have any concerns please see our EYFS Manager Mr R White

We thank you for your support!


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Maths Vocabulary - attached is a very useful set of Mathematics Vocabulary that you can use with the children in their maths/number work.

Phonics Play


Access to lots of phonics resources, activities and games is currently free on

Use username: jan 21

Use password: home

Uploading Children's Work Troubleshooting! - If you are having difficulties uploading any work to the class email accounts, take a look at the troubleshooting guide listed below. This is a step by step guide showing how to upload using your iPhone or iPad.