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The 10th of January is fast approaching. Please encourage your singers to learn ALL the words as song sheets are not allowed to be used in the concert. I have sent home a letter with all the details you need about the day and a blue form. Please send this back by the 15th December. If you do have any further question, please try and catch me in the playground. Parent tickets for Young Voices will probably not arrive until after Christmas.



Below are some links for the dance moves the children need to learn for the concert. We have rehearsed them in choir rehearsal, but obviously, our last practise was December 11th, when school was closed.  Please allow time for your singer to watch and learn these dance moves. I have included a few links, in case some of them stop working!!! But, they all show the same thing.


Young Voices also have their own channel on You Tube



Choir is run during school (from September until October half term) on a Monday 12.30pm until 1.00pm and after school (from October half term until Christmas)  on a Monday, from 3.30pm - 4.15pm by Miss Gregg.


Welcome new choir members - it's good to have you on board.  We are already rehearsing for Young Voices 2017 (Wednesday 10th January 2018) which takes place at the Genting Arena. I will shortly be sending a letter requesting  your coach contribution - this will allow me to send your child home with a copy of the words and a CD of all the songs to learn off by heart. We also sing at Brickhouse Community Church, Merry Hill, the KS2 Carol Concert and (hopefully!) will be competing in a head-to-head singing competition with other schools on Free Radio.


Keep checking this web page - I often update it with letters, lyrics, links to the YV website and You Tube - the children also need to learn all the dance moves for Young Voices! smiley


In fact, here is the web link for Young Voices - so that you can see what it's all about






It's an exciting term for choir - and an exhausting one for the singing teacher smiley

Singing at Brickhouse Community Church December 2015

Singing at Brickhouse Community Church December 2015 1

Singing at Merry Hill Monday November 2015

Singing at Merry Hill Monday November 2015 1
Singing at Merry Hill Monday November 2015 2

Free Radio December 2015

Free Radio December 2015 1
Picture 1 FREE RADIO Competition December 2013
Picture 2 FREE RADIO Competition December 2013
Picture 3 Brickhouse Community Church December 2013
Picture 4 Young Voices 2011
Picture 5 Young Voices 2011
Picture 6 Merry Hill 2011