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Choir is on a Monday night from 3.15pm-4.00pm, run by Miss L. Gregg. It is open to all children in Key Stage Two. We will have two more rehearsal before Young Voices in the Spring term..

Young Voices


The 25th of January is fast approaching and a letter will be sent out shortly outlining all the information you need about the day. T-shirts and tickets have already been sent out. 


Please keep practicing all the songs. The Spotfiy link is here:




Please encourage your singers to learn ALL the words as song sheets are not allowed to be used in the concert. If you do have any further question, please try and catch me in the playground. .


Please find below the Lyric sheets for Young Voices - children need to know all of the words and lyric sheets are not permitted in the concert.  

Young Voices Lyrics 2023