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Our School Prefects - "Lunchtime Responsibilities"

 The Senior Leadership Team have decided this year that we are going to change how "prefects" operate and what they are responsible to do. "Prefects" are no longer as they used to be and this page will outline the changes made.


Due to how lunchtimes now run differently after COVID and that we have staggered starts for lunch, the old role of the "prefect" can no-longer operate as it normally did. Instead, SLT have decided that there should be a variety of different jobs and responsibilities that children have the opportunity to do to help improve how lunchtimes run at Brickhouse.


The jobs that we identified that will support lunchtimes at Brickhouse are as followed:


- KS1 playground buddies (children from KS2 who support the children on KS1 playground with games)

- KS2 Corridor monitors (children from KS2 who monitor the corridor to make sure children walk sensibly when not with a lunchtime supervisor)

- KS2 quiet area buddies (children who take reading resources and activities into the quiet area to give children the opportunity to read at lunchtimes)

- Environment buddies (children from each class who identify rubbish that can be recycled rather than just thrown away)


These jobs were introduced during the Autumn term on a trial basis and will be fully integrated during Spring 2023, where the children will have more defined roles and responsibilities to conform too.


The children will also have regular meetings with a member of SLT to discuss their job and anything they have noticed.


See below some of the expectations and attributes needed to hold a lunchtime job.


Essential attributes are one or a combination of the following:


  • A willingness to serve, to do jobs when asked, and to volunteer in key situations

  • A sensible disposition and pleasant nature, allowing for good relationships with all members of the School family

  • The ability to lead, to show initiative, to be level headed and honest in all situations

  • To show caring and consideration of others around school

  • Ability to communicate with all age groups throughout school


Key Expectations:


  • To be a leader by example, within all aspects of school life

  • To demonstrate independence, responsibility and reliability

  • To monitor the welfare of other students whilst promoting high expectations

  • To assist in the organisation of school break times and lunchtimes, as well as other activities and events


Key Responsibilities:


  • To be a role model for other students, including punctuality, attendance and behaviour

  • To wear the school uniform correctly and with pride

  • To behave in an exemplary manner

  • To demonstrate good work habits in all aspects of school life

  • To be competent in self-management and have good personal organisation skills

  • To be punctual and well-prepared for their responsibilities

  • To be aware of the needs of fellow students and be aware of school expectations with behaviour

  • To be aware of situations which may affect student welfare

  • To take the initiative when staff are not present

  • To be a good role model for others in the school by manner, dress, overall appearance and attitude to others

  • To promote the correct values and standards of behaviours

  • To help meet the needs of others by giving care and assistance to the pupils in the school

  • To assist with the dining room routines and some break routines

  • To assist with the monitoring of the behaviour of children around school


If the chosen children do not follow expectations and responsibilities then they are at risk of losing their role.