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Monday 12th June 2017


Hello from SUNNY (partly cloudy I guess) Ingestre! Apologies first of all for the lack of internet which has hindered me in updating you as regularly as possible. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow so I will be able to update you more regularly!

The children have all settled in really well. They’ve had a tour of the site and had opportunity to explore outside…including a football match against Lyng! (We will not mention as the score as it didn’t go very well – in fairness, there were twice as many children from Lyng as ours!) Some children have already enjoyed the grounds…getting covered in mud and finding excellent hiding places. Some have even said, “The greatest thing ever happened…!” Turns out, they climbed over a branch whilst someone then fell over.

Also, the children have met their tutors for the week and have started their first workshop. They will all get to do their first 2 choices at some point during the week. The theme of the week is World War 2 so they will be producing lots of fantastic art work based upon this theme. Some children have already made good friends from the other school too! It’s been a really good first day!

At lunchtime, the children had a delicious lunch of sausage (and veggie), chips, peas and gravy – followed by jam sponge and gravy! They will be very well fed here – they’ve already had chocolate cake at break time too. Later on for tea, they have got chicken nuggets and waffles and a jam doughnut too! Plus the tuck shop will be open!

For the evening entertainment tonight, they will get to go into a World War Museum where they will see artefacts and get to do different drama tasks on the war. They will then go out and explore again and play some games before going to bed and relaxing! And also hopefully sleeping…or Mr.Smith will become a very grumpy teacher!

I will keep you updated when I can…Internet dependent obviously!

Don’t worry, your children are all fine and will be looked after!


We have just got in after a lovely evening learning about world war 1 and playing lots of games outside! The children are upstairs getting showered and washed and ready for bed! Hopefully we’ll have an early night!

Mr.Smith x


Tuesday 13th June 2017


Good Morning from Ingestre Hall, after a very successful goodnights sleep! Mr.Smith is a happy bunny this morning! We had to actually wake the children up…this is the first time EVER I have had to do this on the first morning!

The children have spent most of today in their art workshops – even though the session started late due to a tractor, a wheel and a resurfaced road causing the Art teachers to be late! We have been around and they are producing some fantastic pieces of art to bring back to school! That being said, most of the boys spent most of the morning doing their hair! Never seen anything like it!

They were well fed again at breakfast – toast and cereal – and they are about to have a selection of pies and vegetables for dinner, followed by chocolate brownie! (As I previously said they are very well fed!)

Tonight the plan is to go on a treasure hunt around the grounds then a lot of the children have asked about watching the France vs England game so we’ll be watching that whilst others play games including table tennis! Lola now has a pet table tennis ball that she is looking after – long story!

All the children are doing great and really making us proud! They are all fine and having a great time.

Again, apologies in not being able to update the internet and blog – it has been broken and it has been very frustrating for me as I promised you all that I would keep you informed. Hopefully for the rest of the week it will be OK! (Fingers Crossed)

Mr.Smith x


Wednesday 14th June 2017


Good morning from sunny Ingestre! The sun is shining and the children have just started to finalise their first sets of performances which we all get o see later! That will be great to see the final product! I will be able to put a lot more photos on then!

I am about to put some photos on from last night where the sun came out and we were treated to a hot air balloon show! It was a beautiful evening! The children enjoyed their treasure hunt and then the game time we gave them - some chose to watch the England match whilst others chose to dance in the drama studio with a mini-disco performed by DJ Smith ; some just chose to relax with the new friends they have made!

All the children slept excellently again and we AGAIN had to wake them up this morning! More sleep for Mr.Smith!

I will update again later with how today has gone! Everyone is fine and doing well!

Mr.Smith x



I am writing to you as a very proud Mr.Smith! We all have just watched the first performances and seen the first pieces of art work and I'm blown away by how brilliant they have done - they have made me really, really proud!

We started in the Art Department where we saw all the fantastic paintings and collages that the children had created. They also used a technique called "Batik" to melt wax to produce a picture - they looked awesome. We also saw some amazing hanging poppies which will be great back at school!

After, we visited drama where the children had produced a wonderful. moving piece about the announcement of war and being evacuated. It was wonderful! Some future TV / film stars there!

Finally, we went to music to see the song the children had written, produced music for and then actually performed live. I was so proud of all of the children for how well they did.

Please see the added photos below as a sample of what they have produced! (Videos too big)

The children have started their next art form now in a new group so tomorrow I'll be able to show you some of the new work they've produced too!

Tonight is 3D film night where the children will get to watch a film and maybe have hot chocolate - depending on the weather - it has been glorious here today!

Hope you are all missing us!

Mr.Smith x


Thursday 15th June

Hello again from Ingestre! It's our final full day here! It seems to have gone so quick now. Everyone still being fantastic and really are doing well with their different art task and everything. I'm still so proud of them all.

Last night was lovely. After a tea of pizza, followed by a jam doughnut, the children had a visit from a local gentleman who took us on a tour of the church to see the architecture and discuss the local area. It was really nice to see!

After was 3D cinema night! The children all got changed and into their PJs and we spent the evening watching Croods. It was a really good night and a surprisingly good film! Then, yet again, the children went straight to bed and slept really well.

Back to today...the sun has currently disappeared - but it supposed to be back out again later! We've been really lucky with the weather this year. Later on, we get to see the final productions of the second art the children chose...then it's PARTY and DISCO night!

Again, it has been a really good trip and can I say a massive thank you to you all for how prepared you have been and how you have raised wonderful children! You should all be proud!

Oh, and we've all renamed Muhammed, "Mr. Hummel man!" He likes his new name!

Speak soon...Mr.Smith x


Final Comment...

Well, that's it...we're all back home safe and sound - just like I promised you all! It has been a fantastic week and your child are a credit to you and the school - they have been amazing!

Yesterday summed all of that up! We got to witness the final performances and pieces of art work for the week. I was blown away again by how fantastic the children had done. It makes me so proud to see how well the children have done and how much they have grown this year.

In art we saw some wonderful War paintings to do with spotlights. In dance we experienced a dance-by most of our girls - where there were flips, Charleston steps - the lot!

We then got to see two more lives performances of two new tracks written by the music group. A big well done especially to Muhammed (Hummel Man) and Kayne who sang solos in front of everyone! Well done boys!

The children then had a lovely picnic for tea - unfortunately it went very windy and cloudy so we weren't able to do it outside. The children then got to go to the gift shop - I hope they have brought you back a present??

Then, it was party night...the children danced the night away, to the wonderful music supplied by DJ Smith; they played table tennis with new friends; they even got to spend the remains of any money in the tuck shop!

All before bed at 10 o'clock!


I've just uploaded the final images too, including a very Happy TJ, who was delighted to show off his art work, and a very wet Lola - something to do with a shower!


Again, I can't say enough how awesome and amazing they have been. You should all be very proud!


See you all back at school Monday! Mr.Smith x

Some more from Tuesday night!

Wednesday extra.

Poppies in hand.mp3

We Will Not Fall.mp3

WW2 Remember you.mp3

WW2 We Didnt Ask For You.mp3