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Guided Reading Resources For Remote Learning

On this page you will find individual documents and resources you will need to use to complete the GUIDED READING lessons for the next 2 weeks.


Some of these resources are extra and can be used whenever you want. The Timetable on the Year 6 page tells you what the daily Guided Reading Activity is.


All your GUIDED READING lessons are based around the book "GOODNIGHT MR.TOM" which you can find a PDF copy of below - if you haven't got a copy of the book.

There is also a film to go with this book that will normally watch at the end of our WW2 topic but feel free to watch it to support your understanding of the book.

Character Profile Sheets - find facts and information out about the characters!

Story Map - Use this to structure different chapters of the book

Extra Guided Reading Tasks linking to Goodnight Mr.Tom