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Come and see what we got up to at INGESTRE HALL!

Class of 2022

Our last afternoon and evening! 


Brickhouse children were incredible in their final performances even though they had just one day to practise! Performances were so well thought out and intricate :) We are so proud of them and how they have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones and they have really shone laugh


This evening we had a picnic outside and had a rematch with the other school! This time we won 1-0 and Abraham was voted player of the match. The way both schools played football was so mature and fair (especially with Mrs Batham's rubbish refereeing- who said you couldn't make the rules up as you went along? cheeky). 


Then, we went to the gift shop and had our disco where children danced all night! They were all tired and went straight to bed :) 



Thursday 17th June

Good morning from Ingestre! We had two new visitors during the night and this morning... Vinnie and a bat! The tiny bat flew into the room with the boys from the other school (who knows how are the windows don't open very wide). Our boys heard their shriek just after the film and we all wondered what was going on! Luckily, those boys changed their room and the bat had left this morning! I'm very glad it wasn't a Brickhouse room.


Again it is a lovely, sunny morning and children are working hard in their groups. 


We all ate our breakfast and are looking forward to curry at lunch and a picnic for tea. 


Here are some photos from this morning! 

Workshops this morning

Wednesday 15th June 


We have had another lovely sunny day at Ingestre! 

Children started off this morning with their performances of their first choice subject. They were all so amazing! We had a drama performance where JJ and Lucian took lead roles, our girls did some amazing dancing and lifts, the art children exhibited their Harry Potter journals, pencils and clay Mandrakes, our music children split into two groups where Ella-mai, Lexie and Josiah sang a song whilst Malaki, Haden and Abraham did a rap! 


Children then started their new art groups this afternoon after our lunch (wraps and salad and chocolate cake). 


We had a game of football after tea (spag bol and ice cream) and unfortunately Brickhouse lost; however, they all played like a great team! :) 


We are finishing the evening off with our cinema event and snacks! 


Photos to follow later! 

Tuesday 14th June


Good morning from sunny Ingestre! smiley


It was a very....very...long night last night...and a very very early morning this morning! 


In the evening last night the children had time to explore the grounds and then we played a version of hide and seek! A massive well done to Lizzie and Abraham who managed not to be seen! The children then got to go to the tuck shop and play a little inside with the games available.


Then, to my amazement, all children wanted to shower! (Apart from 2!) Those 2 children will be first in the queue today mark my words!


All in all though the kids have been excellent and really doing us proud as they always do! They have just started their first morning session of their art work so they will continue to develop that throughout the day.


For breakfast they have had toast and cereal so they are all set up for the day!


I will update again later...


Have a good day everyone :)




Hello again everyone! Just a quick update on the day so far today and what is left to come! The children have been in their art sessions all day and have been perfecting their skill in their chosen art - they have worked so hard and have banished us teachers from going to see what they are doing because they want to show us tomorrow in their showcase.


Lunch today was something different! We had a picnic outside in the lovely weather...that was a nice change! (There are some pictures below.)


Tonight for tea is sausage and mash following by chocolate chip cake. Then the tuck shop will be opened later in the evening.


The children are lagging a little bit and starting to feel tired so I think tonight will be an earlier night!


Please remember everyone that during tomorrow Mrs.Batham will be coming to take over from me and to look after all of your children. She will continue to update you like I have been doing.


Many Thanks, Mr.Smith! :)

Tuesday 14th June

Monday 13th June 2022


Hello from Ingestre Hall! 


I have finally got 5 minutes of quiet to start this year's blog so you can keep up to date with everything we have been doing here at Ingestre.


The children arrived safely just before 11am and they have been shown their dorms and then given a tour of the building so they can start to learn about the history of the place. They are in awe at the surroundings and the building. Some of them are not in awe as much at the nettle stings they have had whilst exploring through the woods (Ella-Mai.) Lots of children have already made new friends from Lyng too so that is good to see!


The children had lunch at about 1pm and they have a light meal of tomato soup, sausage or veggie roll and then a yoghurt. Tea tonight is pizza and wedges followed by jam doughnut.


The children are currently in their first ARTS session. Some have already wanted to change what they had chosen to do so we will see how everything goes! 


I can't believe it is 4pm already. Tonight the children will be allowed to go and explore outside before we bring them back inside to play, chill and do diaries before bed...i'm waiting for someone to ask me about watching Corrie or Love has yet! Some of the children have asked if they can watch England  tomorrow night so that may be something I am easily persuaded to look at haha.


I will keep you updated throughout the week. Below are some photos of the day so far!


Cheers, Mr.Smith!

Cader's piano skills

Still image for this video
Cader has blown us away with her piano skills! She learnt off youtube!