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Final Thoughts...


Hello again for the last time! I have just added the photos from the final sharing and evening at the bottom of the page!


It was a really good night where children danced the night away to many of their favourite tunes! "Old town road" seems to be the current favourite that children just want to floss to! They also got to spend their money in the gift shop so maybe they have bought a present home for you?? I haven't received any haha!


The children had a wonderful night and had a wonderful here the whole week! They all want to stay longer and also now are ready to come home!


Thank you for trusting me to bring your children away and I have had a very enjoyable time with them learning new things about them! 


That being said...I am extremely tired now and have decided I'm having the rest of the year off! wink


See you all Monday...Maybe!

Thursday 20.06.19

Hello from Ingestre for the last full day here! The sun is out today and we've had the joy of watching low flying aeroplanes on our morning break this morning!


The children are just finishing their second session in their new art choice (some photos added below) before going for lunch - Sausage and mash is on the menu today I think.


I know I've said it before but it has been a real pleasure bringing them all away. They have really responded to everything really well and it is wonderful to see them happy doing different things! I really don't think they want to come home! Not even to their mobile phones!


I'm looking forward to seeing the final sharing this afternoon before we have our final disco and party night tonight!


I will try and upload pictures and information as soon as I can later on tonight but it will probably be late!


See you all tomorrow! Mr.Smith

Wednesday Evening (19.06.19)

Good evening from Ingestre again...I have to say I'm totally exhausted! I've been exploring through the woods with the children and then I've been playing football as well! I think I need a lie down! The boys, especially Lincoln, Callum and Ryan were very frustrated that thye couldn't get past me...they kept trying to slide tackle me and foul me...totally unfair! They all now think I should be playing for the best team in the land....Wolves :)


The kids have just had their evening picnic out in the evening sun...we were quite lucky with the weather!


We're just about to do tuck shop before starting our 3D cinema night! The children have been worked very hard again today...I sense sleep will happen again tonight!


EXTRA INFORMATION....Callum and I have started a massive debate about KitKats and how they should be eaten....and I think we're in the minority!  We both eat ours without snapping them...we eat them downwards from the top...Is that wrong?

Wednesday 19th June (Daytime)


Good afternoon from Ingestre Hall again! I can't believe where time is going! Were over half way through now far so good with everyone! They've all just eaten Spag Bol for lunch - or a suitable alternative! They just don't stop eating really! I bet they all still ask for tuck shop again later though!


I'm sitting here as proud as I could possibly be for what I've seen from their first sharing today! All the children tried extremely hard and produced some fantastic pieces - as you will see in some of the photos below! (I can't take some photos in dance and drama because of the darkness and the other children from Lyng being in there so don't panic if you can't see your child!!)


We started by going to Art to see some wonderful artwork all to do with Harry Potter! There is a Hogwarts scene, a spell book, some letters and some Hedwigs! The artists consisted of Amarni, Lincoln, Leyla, Ellie, Jayden, Arbaz, Miah, Maya and Callum! They all will eventually get to bring their individual learning home! They all clearly explained how they worked through the process and should be very proud of what they have done!


We then went to the drama group, consisting of Ryan, Elias and Harvey. They were extremely nervous about their performance but they all did so so well. They performed a whole group sketch about how horrible life is for Harry at the start of the story. The boys did that well they've inspired more people to choose drama as their second half of the week.


We then went upto music to see a live performance from Jess, Omarion, Akshayan, and Harry (who has had that much fun he wants to do music again for the second half of the week!.) The group had written a super song in their group all about Harry being saved! They created the beat and the rhythm to go with it all! Unfortunately, we couldn't get "old town road" in in any way shape and form! 


The final group we went to were the superb dance group of Leila, Seren, Kia, Ella, Demi, Launa and Mckenzi! They performed a dance to do with Harry being in the enchanted forest. It was fun, serious, moving and finished with some beautiful paired ballet - style dancing, which obviously they had learnt from myself!


As I write this, the children have just started to interview their new artist and are finding out all about them before they start their next art form.


Tonight they will be having a cinema evening where the children will get into their PJs and watch a 3D film! Before that, we'll be visiting the local church which is filled with history and information about the local village.


I'll hopefully be able to update again further on today! If not, don't get worrying...everyone is fine! And I am too...although the children are not happy I keep wearing Wolves shirts!


Tuesday Evening (18th June)

Hiya again everyone from a drizzly, rainy Ingestre! The rain has defeated us in our plans to do the treasure hunt tonight! The children are inside playing pool, air hockey and table tennis to pass the evening! We did manage to have a quick game of frizbee which they really enjoyed! Harvey, Elias, Arbaz and Launa all put me to shame...although I never lost it on any of my throws!


They're all still having a great time and are being excellent with everything they are asked to do!


We have just came back from the WW1 experience (as you'll see from the photos below!) They had a lovely time looking at artefacts and also dressing up! They were really sensible! Some even tried to cut parts of me off...they all love me really!


They had a lovely tea of pizza and wedges! They are still being extremely well fed...yet, they still ask about the tuck shop!

We've also been treated to a brief musical interlude by the talented Maya on the piano! I have put a little snippet of that below too!


Going to bed earlier tonight! We all, me especially, need more beauty sleep!


Speak tomorrow! Mr.Smith


Tuesday 18th June 2019

Hello again from Ingestre! The children have been working extremely hard in their different art tasks today; they are in the process of finalising their work to showcase to us all tomorrow!


The children slept really well, after a fairly late night...I think of them are regretting staying up as late as they did...I did tell them about that!


The children had chicken / vegetable pie for lunch followed by arctic roll! They are extremely well fed whilst they are here!


Mr.Smith and his team have just been around the grounds to hide different bonus items for tonight's treasure hunt! The winning team will be awarded a prize at the end of the week! After the treasure hunt, the children will be going down and taking part in the WW1 museum experience! This will be good for them because they will see things to support their learning about WW2 from the start of the year!


Find below some pictures from the day so far and I'll upload some more later tonight after all our evening fun!


Mr.Smith :) 


ONE FINAL UPDATE FROM MONDAY NIGHT!!! I have a group of children who have decided they are trees and are currently stalking me around the main hall at Ingstre. Apparently, I can't see them if they are a tree! Demi, Seren, Kia, Mckenzi, Leila, Ellie and Ella are really freaking me out at the moment!


Launa and Arbaz have also been expressing their piano skills on a very expensive piano! They have developed some super tunes!


Some children have finished the evening watching Corrie and unwinding! Just like at home!


Bed time now!


Monday 17th June Evening Update!

Good evening from Brickhouse!


The children have really done us proud on our first day! They have been exploring and having fun in the grounds this evening! We've had some super football matches and the children have made new friends from Lyng! It's lovely to see!


Children have had hot dogs and waffles for tea and are currently buying sweets and drinks from the tuck shop to finish their evening off!


Will be going up to shower and wash soon...some need to still make their beds haha!


Having a lovely time! Speak to you tomorrow....Mr.Smith x


Monday 17th June 2019!

Hello from Ingestre! We've had a very busy first part to our day and all the children have been excellent so far and are having a great time! The weather has been kind so far and the children have began to explore outside and make new friends from the other school!


When we arrived, the children got to see their dorms - and attempt to make their beds...that was interesting! They then explored the building before having their first lunch of the week! All children ate well - and most especially loved the chocolate sponge and custard dessert!


All the children have started their Art Awards Certificate and are now in their first Art activity of the week - either Art, Dance, Drama or Music! I can't wait to see what they have done so far!


Hot dogs and waffles for tea, followed by time outside before some group games and some time inside too!


I'll be in touch whenever I have time to update you! They've all settled in well and are all being super!



Tuesday Day (Art, Music and Dance)

Maya on the piano!

Still image for this video
Taught by myself obviously!

Music performance from today!

Still image for this video