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Come and see how we're getting on at Ingestre!

Wednesday 14th June


Hello from Mr.Smith for the last time whilst here at Ingestre Hall!

We have had another wonderful day so far! It has been an absolute privelege to spend the first 3 days of their trip here with them. They have all tried really hard and we have seen some wonderful things produced today in their first showcase (see some images below.)


Firstly, we went to see the Lyng children in their dance group. They have done that well that they have inspired some of our children to join that group for their second option.


Then we went to see the music group. It made me so proud to see so many of our children stand up and perform live in front of everyone. We had children singing at the very front (Nyeema and Morgan) and we had children playing guitars (Ruby and Bethany) and then some wonderful keyboard players (Isabelle and Elliot.) They wrote and performed a song about democracy with other children from Lyng and it was lovely to listen to.


We then got to see the wonderful art work the artists produced to do with imprisonment and freedom.


We then watched a super drama performance to do with democracy and elections in the drama studio. It was Kyle vs Casey in who would win the vote...? I wonder who won??


They are currently in their new art choice after we have had a lovely outdoor picnic in the sun and shade. It was the first picnic I have ever had where there were super noodles there too haha! I think they all enjoyed the chocolate Rocky Road for dessert the best.


I also went on a lovely adventure with some of the boys up into the top half of the woods. I am now covered in scratches and have been given the nickname "tank" for some reason. This has been a lovely afternoon for me to spend with the children for my final afternoon.


I'm sure they will have a great end to the week with Mr.Newby and Mrs.Billingham who will be joining Mrs.Simms for the cinema event tonight and then the part celebration tomorrow.


Only one more full day then they will be back home...have you missed them?



Tuesday Evening 13.06.2023


Good evening everyone from a very humid Ingestre!


The children have had a fantastic day doing their different art activities and we have had a lovely evening outside exploring the grounds, playing football and then having our annual treasure hunt to see who can find the most items!


We are now back inside having some games time and some down time before going up to our dorms for our second night.


The children have been doing great on what is a very hot and sticky day. They kept going and going in all their sessions and have done us all proud so far! Lets hope it continues.


Tomorrow they will showcase everything they have done so far and then start their next activity. Tomorrow will also be my last day before Mr.Newby and Mrs.Billingham come to take over the reigns!

Tuesday Morning - 13.06.2023


Hi everyone again from a scorching Ingestre Hall - it is extremely warm today ; we're making sure the children are hydrated and taking breaks when needed.


last night was  a very successful first night overall. A few tears and a few nosebleeds didn't stop the children from being awesome and they all were pretty much asleep by 11pm. The majority of them then slept to at least 7am this morning too. This is excellent for the first night.


The children are currently in their second workshop for the morning from one of the chosen art forms they chose to do. They are all engaging and responding well to the Ingestre tutors and the tasks they are being asked to do - lets hope this continues (even when the heat and tiredness kick in later!)


The children had tea, toast and cereal for breakfast and they all made sure they had a good amount of food to get them going for the day - again some tried things they wouldn't normally have!


For lunch today it is sausage roll and chips (and probably super noodles!)


I will update again this evening after we have had our outdoor play time and our treasure hunt of the grounds.


Thanks, Mr.Smith

A few from Tuesday Morning!

A few more from Tuesday afternoon!

Monday Evening - 12.06.2023


Hi everyone....where has the sun gone?? A massive storm has stopped our evening outdoor activities! We have just started exploring and had just started our first game of football when the rumbles came then the rain came then we were back inside before we knew it!


The children have had their visit to tuck shop - i think this is what they were most excited over! The children have had time to play and watch some TV if they wanted and we'll soon be going up to bed!


Evening meal was interesting! I am now an expert at cooking super noodles using only a hot water heater! That being said, every child has tried something new and they have all eaten food made by the Ingestre centre so parents - please relax!


They will be soon going up to their dorms to finish unpacking and just to relax before lights out later....they seem very tired so we're doing everything a bit sooner tonight.


Lets all place bets on what time we all get to sleep shall we?? See you all tomorrow.


Mr.Smith x

Monday Arrival - 12.06.2023

Hi everyone! Mr.Smith here!


I literally have only just stopped sorting the children into their rooms - cooking some people lunch - showing children around and having meetings - it has been non-stop so far! 

The children have all settled in great and they are having a great time so far. They have just started their first "art" session for the week and are finding out the topic and theme for the week.

They have had chance to explore outside. Trees have been climbed, gold balls have been found and hills have been rolled down - all in the glorious sun (although it has gone very cloudy all of a sudden.)

All the children want to do at the moment is spend time in their dorms but we'll save that treat for them for later. Later on, we will be also opening the tuck shop and allowing the children to go outside and play again. We will then come back into the main hall to allow them to play table tennis, air hockey, pool and to generally just have a lovely time!

For lunch today they had healthy wraps and not-so-healthy rice crispy cakes for dessert. I also got to use my own culinary skills to cook for certain children. For evening meal it is pizza and a variety of accompanying treats so lets see how that goes!

Below there are some starter photos from our first few hours here. I will update later when we have been outside more - weather permitting.

All the kids are doing great so do not get worrying. 

Mr.Smith x