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BLOG - Come and see us at Ingestre 2018

Final Thoughts!


Hello again for the final time...Mr.Smith is currently sitting at his desk waiting - falling asleep - but typing away so you know how wonderful our final hours at Ingestre were!


I can't say it enough...your children were amazing and have really made myself, and Brickhouse, extremely proud!


Yesterday, we got to see the final performances in the different Arts categories. We again started in ART where we got to see some fantastic perspective pictures from our budding artists! They were showed off an artistic flair! There work will be displayed in school along with the other artists work from the start of the week.

We then went to dance where a select few of our group put on a very moving performance symbolising the life of Anne Frank. Their emotion and felxibility really, really impressed everyone!


We then went to music where the group had worked together to produce a new song about being on the battlefield during the war. There was even a rap! There was also an impromptu LIVE PERFORMANCE from some of them - this a delight to see!


We then visited the drama studio where the new group carried on the performance about the evacuees arriving at their new locations. The children performed with confidence and were really brave! Watch out comes Brickhouse!


In the evening, it was the event they had all be waiting for...DJ SMITH and his vast quality of amazing tunes and beats in his disco! We danced...we laughed...we ate sweets and drank pop...we went to the tuck shop...we annoyed Mr.Smith (a little) ...I moaned (a little)...and then we cried to our anthem of "This is me!" - with a little bit of "Perfect" from Ed Sheeran thrown in just to emotionally finish them off haha! It did...lots of tears then flowed...happy tears though....tears to show they loved their week, they missed you, and also the realisation I think that their time here at Brickhouse is drawing to a close!


There were tears again on Friday morning! All the children have got on really well with Lyng and some have even swapped numbers and details to stay in touch! And to think they were apprehensive about going with another school.


And that's that really! Another year over and another wonderful set of memories created for myself and for your children. Please talk to them about it and please tell them again how proud I am of them!


Have a lovely weekend...Mr.Smith is now going home to sleep and watch the World Cup! COME ON ENGLAND!!! (And Brazil if it means meeting Mr.Smith winning the class sweepstake!) 

Thursday Day!


Hello from our final full day at Ingestre! Can't believe how quickly it has gone doesn't seem 5 minutes since we left on Monday - I bet it has felt much longer for some of you!

All the children are currently in their second art choice, finishing their pieces ready for a final showing later. They've had another fantastic day and I'm so proud of how respectful, kind and also fun they have been - not only with myself and the Brickhouse staff but also with everyone associated with Lyng.


Your children have made me smile, feel proud, laugh and have a really good time! (They have also made me pull my hair out a lot at times too haha!) They are an extraordinary group of pupils and seeing them flourish here has been an absolute honour. Brickhouse are proud of them!


Again, they've been well fed today. Spag bol followed by apple pie and custard for lunch. They'll be having jacket potatoes for tea! The main thing they're looking forward too however is the return of DJ SMITH on the decks at tonight's disco and party!


Before then, we have a final showing, packing, tea, gift shop, looking for missing clothes, showers and hair gel to get through!


This will be the last time I will have chance probably to update the blog before we leave. I will add more photos when back tomorrow!


I hope you have enjoyed the blog and are looking forward to having your children back! Mr.Smith is a tired Mr.Smith now!


Thank you and see you tomorrow!





Wednesday update!

Good evening from Ingestre. We’ve had another wonderful day...which started today without any fire alarm which was a much more positive start to the day. The children slept excellently last night and slept through to around 7.30. 


We went and had our normal breakfast of toast, cereal and a lovely cup of tea. The children then went for their final practise of their final arts before we got to see all 5e talent they have developed over the last two days. 


There were a lot of nerves but all children joined in and did us proud. We have had some fantastic art pictures of camouflaged soldiers, a wonderful dance performance of the announcement of war, a fantastic song all about evacuees and a brilliant drama piece about the announcement of war. There were even some tears from us staff about how proud we were. 


Next, the children had a delicious dinner of chicken curry, rice and naan bread. Some children were very brave and even tried it! In the afternoon, the children then started their second art activity. Some have swapped because they were so inspired by what they saw earlier on. We’re all looking forward to seeing the final masterpieces tomorrow. 


Weve had had a fantastic evening. It started by having a tea of pizza and waffles, followed by chocolate brownies! Your children are being extremely well fed. It’s great to see them enjoying food with no fuss! You can use this at home when they’re complaining haha. 


After tea, we had a very special visit to the local church. A local gentleman from the village gave the children a tour of the church and explained all the local history. It was really special. The children were very respectful and asked some fantastic questions. We were even treated to an organ performance from Kysler on the organ. That was brilliant to see. 


The children then then embarked on Mr.Smiths extreme treasure hunt, where they search the grounds for easy items like acorns, conkers and a four leaf clover. Easy!

the children will find out the winners tomorrow where they will choose an item ffrom the tuck shop for free. 


Theyre now all in their PJs and lying watching sing in 3D. They have had a fantastic day and continue to be a credit to you and the school. It has been a privilege to bring them away. 


I will I’ll post the pictures as soon as I can. Internet not being friendly today. 


Dont get worrying about them. They’re all safe and having a wonderful time. Will see you all sooner than you think. 


Mr. Smith. Xxx

Tuesday Day/Evening


Hello again...Just a quick update as it is late and the children are getting ready to go to bed! We've had another lovely and very busy day here at Ingestre! The children have been completing their arts - ready to show us tomorrow morning in a showcase (I'll be able to add a lot more photos tomorrow to show you what they've done!)


They also have had their cinema night tonight as the weather didn't look great so we changed our evenings around. They had an evening of watching "Finding Dory 3D." They also got to visit the tuck shop for the first time tonight...i think that is what they've been looking forward to the most!


For tea the children had chicken nuggets, wedges and sweetcorn....following by a jumbo cookie! I did say they would be fed well.


Like I have said, I will update you all again tomorrow and add further pictures. Don't worry about them...they're all fine and doing great!


Brickhouse is proud of them!


Mr.Smith x 

Tuesday Morning!


Morning all! What a morning we've had! I'll explain all later...


Firstly, can I say all the children have been excellent and slept really, really well. They were in bed earlier than usual and actually slept all the way through...without many tears too! reached 6.30am....Mr.Smith was up and showered and ready...the children were snoring away...then BLA BLA BLA BLA!!! THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF!!! In all my years of coming to Ingestre, this was a first! The children had to get up quickly - in their PJs - and get safely to the meeting point. It was at this point some children regretted not listening to the advice about leaving jumpers and shoes at the bottom of their bed! THERE WAS NO FIRE!!! The cause???? A spider in the gardening shed had crawled into the fire alarm and set it off!


All the children were really sensible during this and responded really well to it all.


We then had breakfast of toast, cereal and tea and currently, the children are in their Art sessions waiting to impress us all with their fabulous creations! (I have added some pictures from this morning below.)


The children will have their lunch of sausages and mash soon and then spend the afternoon finalising and improving their skills in their chosen art.


I will update and add more photos later on today! 

All children are safe and well...They are all doing great!


Mr.Smith x

Monday Evening Update!


Hello again from Ingestre Hall. We've had a fantastic first day here at Ingestre and all the children are having a great time! Some are currently down in a World War 1 exhibition, some are playing air hockey, pool, table tennis and jumbo connect 4, while some are chilling in the evening sun! Some have even asked to watch the soaps! Their own little luxury!


We've had a wonderful evening and a wonderful buffet tea. The children were treated to an evening picnic outside! Sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and delicious sausage rolls! We all then explored the grounds and played "Mr.Smith's extreme hide and seek!" No-one completed it! Mr.Smith reigns supreme still!


The children all experienced their first arts session earlier too. They really enjoyed it and they have been a credit to you all! You should be proud of them for their first day!


Upto bed for a shower and some chill time soon! I will upload the rest of the photos for today when the children are asleep!


Let's hope its a great first night and the children go straight to bed and sleep! I'll update you on this tomorrow!


Night night, Mr.Smith x

Monday 11th June 2018


Hello from Ingestre - Mr.Smith here writing to you while the children have started their first Arts choice!


All the children have settled in really well, made their beds - well most of them have - and already had chance to explore the grounds and see where they'll be spending their time for the next week! Hopefully as well, the weather will stay as glorious as it has been today!


We arrived at around 10.30 and had a brief talk about the  history of the building. We then went to our designated dorms before meeting all of our tutors. For lunch the children had salad, lasagne and garlic bread, followed by Arctic role. They also had already had biscuit snacks! Really spoilt already.


See below the photos we took on the journey and any that we have already taken. I will update you all later on tonight with information about our evening and any further photos!

Speak soon...Mr.Smith x

Kysler on the keys!

Still image for this video
Kysler played a wonderful tune for us! Here is the end snippet for you!