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Our School Prefects


Year 6


Ashleigh Stevens

Zoe Lewis

Lola Guest

Tiamai Baugh

Dylan Basterfield
Kelsea Edwards


Year 5

Leonnie Collins- Fogarty
Millie Evans
Lucas Marks- Lal
Kysler Pegasun
Katie Matthews
Ella Hadley


All the above prefects firstly applied for the role, considering key attributes and skills they possessed. Then, Mr. Smith and Mr. Newby selected which children they would like to be prefects to represent the school!


Our Prefect Policy


Prefects will be chosen for their ability to meet the requirements of the job description listed below and for their ability to provide sound and even-handed leadership to the whole school. Ultimately, the chosen prefects will help raise expectations and behaviour throughout the school day, including break times and lunch times.


Essential attributes are one or a combination of the following:


  • A willingness to serve, to do jobs when asked, and to volunteer in key situations
  • A sensible disposition and pleasant nature, allowing for good relationships with all members of the School family
  • The ability to lead, to show initiative, to be level headed and honest in all situations
  • To show caring and consideration of others around school
  • Ability to communicate with all age groups  throughout school


A Prefect is appointed by the Assistant Head Teacher, in collaboration with the Head Teacher, on the recommendations of the Senior Management team and other staff.  Prefects will be chosen from years 5 and 6.


It is expected that Prefects will demonstrate, in their everyday lives, all the values that the school upholds.


Prefects will report to the Assistant Head teacher.


Key: Prefect Expectations:


  • To be a leader by example, within all aspects of school life
  • To demonstrate independence, responsibility and reliability
  • To monitor the welfare of other students whilst promoting high expectations
  • To assist in the organisation of school break times and lunchtimes, as well as other activities and events